Police summons the organizers of opposition rallies for the conversation

The Baku police summoned to ” conversation” the organizers of opposition rallies against the amendments to the Constitution.  “My summon l to the Police Department of Baku is connected with the upcoming rally of 11 and 18 September,”  said the leader of the party “Musavat” Arif Hajili.

Similar  summons s have long been a tradition, but in this case there are some features: it usually happened after the failure of the City Hall to authorize the rally, but now the police are not even waiting for a formal response of City Hall, said Hajili.

When asked why he linked the summon with a rally on September 11 if it is held  by  other political organization – the National Council, Hajili explained that “Musavat” expressed support for and participation in this event, too. In turn, representatives of the National Council and the Popular Front Party have not informed about  the summon  to the police.


The chief of the security department of  Baku,  Nuralla Mammadkhanov  satted  that there was information that the activists of the “Musavat” intend to organize pickets  in various places in the city, and provoke clashes with the police.  “To this I replied that this practice is totally alien to our party,” said Turan the leader of “Musavat” Arif Hajili, after a visit to Police Department.

According to him, Mammadkhanov suggested possible pickets in the vicinity of the upcoming rally the party on 18 September. In this it was stated that members of the “Musavat” is not interested in  incident, and are ready to  prevent them with the police.

According to the “Musavat” leader, a police spokesman said that the upcoming  rally  on September 18 rally will not be authorised.

The National Council and “Musavat” announced to hold protest rallies on  11 and 18 September against the amendments to the Constitution.